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Hi, we're a Bunch o'Nerds who just started consistantly streaming on twitch. We've have been friends since Jr. High school and consistantly remind each other why we are friends even if we are all different in our own ways. Illmatic is the funny one always making light of the situation, Teckk is the laid back smart one with a grade S+ in debate, then theres Putt the crippled epileptic always raging about something. One day in March of 2013 Putt was rushed to the hospital 2 seperate times for having 4 Grand Mal seizures within 24 hours and many more throughout the following days, through this grueling process Putts friends and family stuck by his side throughout and made the process a whole hell of a lot easier time. So now that he's been seizure free for 2 years, its time to give back.


We're hoping to raise some money to help this foundation achieve it's goal of finding a cure for epilepsy and to help those fighting for their lives with this horrible disorder. ANY AMOUNT IS APPRECIATED! If you feel like catching some gameplay from any of us our twitches will be down below.

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